Friday, June 23, 2017

#Faith: #TheWordOnWords

"Then Judah stepped forward and said, “O sir, let me say just this one word to you. Be patient with me for a moment, for I know you can doom me in an instant, as though you were Pharaoh himself."

Genesis 44:18, TLB

Last time we looked at the folly of persisting in an argument just to have the last word and the damage it can do not to allow a little time and distance cool the fires of anger.   Today, let's look at how quickly anger and words can damage people and relationships.

In Genesis 44:18, we read the words of Judah when Joseph's brothers were caught leaving Egypt with the money and silver cup Joseph had planted on them. "...I know you can doom me in an instant...."

Unlike Joseph, we don't have the authority of Pharaoh behind our words.  Yet, our words still carry a lot of weight, especially for those they are directed at.  And even to ourselves, as how we are perceived by others comes in large part by what we say and how we say it.

It takes only an instant to become angry, but in that instant we can do irreparable damage to those around us.  Even if what we say in anger does not seem that bad to us, each of us has different sensibilities.  

Pray to be slow to anger. Try withholding comment once you start to feel anger.  Once again, remove yourself from the situation until you are calmer.  It may be that in retrospect it was not that big a deal. Yet, even if it still seems to be a matter you need to address, better to do so with a clear head and a calm demeanor. 

Has angry words or actions ever destroyed a relationship you were in?  Has cruel words ever harmed your sense of self worth or purpose?  Have you uttered things in anger you immediately wished you could take back?


Thursday, June 15, 2017

What Makes Me Weird Meme - #Flashback

Long, long ago in a land far away, people didn't "blog", they "journaled".   It was a close knit community, called J-Land by those who dwelled there, it's official name on the internet map was:


For a season, in late 2005 and early 2006, a meme circulated there. It was fun, simple, and helped everyone see we really are not all that different.  The meme was "What Makes Me Weird".  The person tagged lists five things about themselves that others might consider weird, and then tags five others, asking them to do the same.  I want to see this circulate around Blogger and Wordpress! Please be a sport and play along.

Five Weird Things About Me  👀

1.  I prefer to eat my mashed potatoes with a little salt sprinkled on them, no gravy please.  Has to be fresh salt on top, makes no difference how salty they were or weren't on their own.

2.  I can pick up things with my toes and pinch the fire out of you, too!

3.  I have dreamed the answer to problems at work before.

4.  I always sneeze in a sequence of three, one right after the other.

5.  I must have a sheet over my body and  at least some light blanket up to my hips to sleep.

Okay, I admit the list could have been pages long, but I don't want to scare you off.  

Now, for whom I am asking to join me in this: 

Perhaps soon we'll find out how weird they are!😉
Do you share any weird traits with me?  Do you enjoy doing memes from time to time?


Sunday, June 11, 2017



At first glance, this sounds like something that might make an impact. Upon deeper reflection, most likely not.  It fails on the basis that these males do not yet have a daughter.  Asking them to imagine what is it like: the hopes, dreams, level of protectiveness one feels, still seeing one's little girl where there stands a grown woman, is near impossible.

There may be a few sensitive, imaginative souls out there that could visualize it well enough to be affected by it.   But how many of them would probably already be treating those they dated with respect? Most, I would say.

And what of the girls?  How many toy and tease with a fellow's heart? Or think more about what he can do for them, than him himself?  

Dating should be such a simple, carefree thing!  Guys and gals going out with people they find interesting to get to know them better without pressure or preconceived expectations.  Without game playing or role playing.

Alas, it is often anything but that, at every age and stage.  What of you?  Were/are most of your dates enjoyable and relaxed?  If you could, would you go back and change how and why you dated?  What was your funniest experience?  Worst?  Most memorable?  Oddest?  

I'll get things started by telling you that once I was all dressed up to go honkytonking, complete with my good boots and Petie Pete took me through a briar patch in the drizzling rain to rabbit hunt instead!

Okay, your turn.  Now share!😉

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#Life: Yes, leave a message, but please don't leave a voicemail.

Please enjoy this short clip!

It's no secret we live out in the boonies.  We have a house phone. Our phone allows for people to leave a message.  While not on a separate machine with a tape, it works just the same as Jim's did on the Rockford Files.  In order to hear the message, there is no need to phone anywhere, just press one button and listen.  Pete checks our phone periodically throughout the day for missed calls and messages. I love when messages are like the one Jim had here.  Concise information and enough detail you don't have to call back unless you happen to want to.

Then there is voicemail, which is on every cell phone and many home phone services.  All of these devices that have voicemail, also tell you when you've missed a call.  I hate voicemail!  If I miss a call on my cell and I know you, I am definitely going to call you back.  Unlike the messages, if I want to hear a voicemail, I have to place a call and go through prompts.  Then nine times out of ten I'm going to need/want to call the party back as well.  To top it off, if I am at home, the only way I can place these calls on my cell at the house is to go outside.  Once the voicemail icon pops up on my phone there is no way to know if you have one or ten unless I phone in.  It all just seems like much ado about almost nothing to me and way more trouble than it is worth.

For business purposes, I can see voicemail's benefit.  But I have little use for it in my life.  Most of the younger set I know never even bother to set theirs up and simply just return the missed calls they want to.  I think they have the right idea. 😉

What about you, is your voicemail set up on your personal cell phone? If so, do you listen to voicemails or just return the call?  Do you live in an area where all cell functions do not work inside your home?

Barbara In Caneyhead

Friday, June 2, 2017

#Faith: #TheWordonWords

This is what to do,” she said. “Flee to your Uncle Laban in Haran. Stay there with him awhile until your brother’s fury is spent, and he forgets what you have done. Then I will send for you. For why should I be bereaved of both of you in one day?”

Genesis 27:43-45, TLB

Here we go, our first stop in Genesis. This is Rebekah speaking to Jacob after he had tricked Isaac into giving him Esau's blessing and Esau into selling his birthright for a bowl of porridge. Doesn't matter that Esau had some right to be angry....furious with his trickster brother. If they had been in close proximity at this time, there would have probably been a killing, much like Cain and Able. So when confronted with fierce anger directed your way, whether deserved or undeserved, the best thing to do is to make a retreat and give time a chance to cool the fires of passion. Likewise, if you are the one who's anger is heating up, better to distance yourself from the object of your anger until it has subsided.

Yeah, it's hard not to put in that one last take that little jab at the one who is ranting at you or angered you, but it is for the best. You'll be guarding yourself from becoming too angry and intense and allow the other person to begin to think more rationally and calmly. Then you can approach them for forgiveness if you did wrong them. Or to find out what was behind their actions and words. It worked for Jacob! Esau was truly happy to have his brother return when he finally did. He had gotten over his anger, gone on with his life and became a successful man in his own right. 

We will probably not have to leave the country or stay away for years. It may take as little or an hour, or sometimes a month or more. Just be in prayer in the meantime as to your actions & intentions, for the other person and what they may be harboring toward you and for the Spirit of Forgiveness to proceed you into your next meeting. 

Do you have a hard time closing your mouth or walking away when angry?  Have you had occasions when you regretted not doing so?   Were you ever taught to "count to ten"?


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#Caneyhead: High School Graduation

I've been overcome with activity lately from our Hannah Bug graduating from high school.  It didn't seem overly busy when I graduated.  When Bubba did ten years ago, things didn't seem to be in a flurry.  But WOW, this one was a continuous stream of activity!  So, without any further ado, here is my gorgeous, bright, funny, caring daughter:

She graduated last Friday evening as a 2017  Texas Foundation Distinguished High Honor Graduate and a member of the National Honor Society.  She loves to read, likes to succeed, respects history, adores little old men, gets along with children, and has a quick wit. She loves the Lord, has a way with animals, likes to deer hunt and can clean what she kills.  She is the epitome of a millennial Texas woman.

After her graduation, her Bubba took her out to eat with his little family.   Then he brought her back to school to be locked in for the night for operation graduation.  My nephew was a chaperone for the event, and said he'd bring her home when it was over at 5:00am. Pete's back was killing him from the bleachers, so we came straight home.

Once home, Pete was in a foul mood.  I have recently been unemployed, and Pete is on a fixed income.  I think his pain and the fact he had no grand gift for his baby girl was eating at him.  Around midnight, his mood suddenly changed and he told me, "I'm going out to see if I can find something, and if I can, you are going to help me with something."  Cryptic.  And I'm exhausted.  Yet, there was a gleam in his eyes that reminded me of Pete twenty years ago.  So, I simply said, okay. He soon came back with a roll of industrial grade reflective tape.  He then told me of his plan.  We were going to make letters out of the tape and stick them to the glass panes on the front of our porch so that when Hannah came home, and the headlights hit it down our long drive, she'd see the message as if in lights.  I loved it!  And loved him for it.  And knew she would, too.

So we commenced to cutting, and would take one or two words worth out at a time.  I'd start peeling the back off, then hand to Pete to place on the glass pane.  We finished right at five in the morning. Too excited to be exhausted, we got in the car and went down the road so we could come back around the curve and see what it was going to look like.  As we started to enter the curve, Pete said there were headlights behind us and to gas I did and pulled into the yard to one side and turned off our lights.  Soon, Clay pulled in and this is what Hannah saw:

It reads "Daddy is proud!  Hannah Hazee, AKA "JR." In the middle is a cross and 2017 and "Thank you Clay." 

It literally looked like part of the Vegas Strip!  Hannah was overjoyed!  She knows how her daddy feels about the old glass pane doors he turned sideways in the front of the porch.  We may never get the tape off.  But then, who cares?  An unforgettable memory was made and that is all that matters.

Did you have any special graduates this year?  What is your favorite graduation memory?


Tuesday, May 23, 2017


My first thoughts upon reading the little cartoon above, were how true the first sentence is!  Stresses and lack of appreciation have had me daydreaming of running away more than I ever did as a child. In fact I only remember ever thinking of it as a child but once.

As to the rest of it, who hasn't put something in a place and had trouble locating it later?  Keys, glasses, remote controls, phones...are all relatively small, all are often in our hands when we go to change locations or find we need both hands.  So it is easy to place them somewhere unusual  making them hard to locate later.

As to forgetting where one is going; who hasn't been lost in thought while driving and passed up their exit?  Back when our Hannah Bug was in the younger grades, she rode the bus most every day to school. Once in awhile, for one reason or another I'd drop her at school in the morning on my way to work instead.  She'd settle into the car, stick her nose in a book and be totally quiet.  Me being accustomed to being in the car by myself, I found us a mile or two out of town on several occasions before realizing I still had Hannah in the car!  It became a standing joke with us.

Yet, this reminds me of a serious, ugly problem I see happening all around:  older persons being painted with the broad stroke of ageism.

Ageism is unacceptable behavior that occurs as a result of the belief that older people are of less value than younger people."

There is a current commercial for a service to help children help their parents manage their money. The ad literally makes my blood boil! They make the blanket statement that "as we age, we lose the ability to handle money."  Hogwash!  I have personally never known an older individual who couldn't handle their money.  In fact, most budget, plan and decide when to splurge as well or better then they did in their younger years.

I overhear and see many times, things that allude older people don't want to try anything new, be it technology, social media, foods they never ate before, or music of a new type or genre.  Older persons might be a little more selective in what new things they try, but every older person I know is open to some new things, with many mastering them with excitement.

I could give many more examples, but the bottom line is that all people do not age in the same way and at the same rate.   Decline in one area does not mean all of one's faculties are gone.  They have experiences and insights younger people can't have yet.  Just as this new and changing world is giving the younger people a different set of experiences and insights.  Instead of warring and disrespecting, perhaps the generations should try respecting one another and combining a century's worth of living into answers for ourselves and our world.

What's the latest "new" thing you have tried?  Have you experienced ageism directed at you?  Do you you have a problem valuing persons of a generation not of your own?


 Please  ! 😍

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